Tebow’s 2nd Act Has South Carolina Giving Him the 1st-Class Treatment

In the autumn of 2007, Tim Tebow came to this town to deliver a crushing blow. Then the Florida Gators’ dynamic quarterback, Tebow cemented his destiny as that year’s Heisman Trophy winner by accounting for seven touchdowns against the University of South Carolina.

Sitting in the stands in Williams-Brice Stadium that day, and watching glumly, was the Honorable Stephen K. Benjamin, who at that point was still three years away from being elected mayor here. At the end of Tebow’s display, Benjamin remembered having one thought: He was glad that Tebow was leaving town and hoped he was gone for good.

Tebow is back in Columbia as a starter with the Columbia Fireflies. Mayor Steve Benjamin said: “We are so glad he is finally on our side,” Benjamin said. “It’s a heck of a story.”

New York Times
Photo by Tom Priddy, Four Seam Images