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City government is more transparent than ever, and there’s more we can do.

Arts & Culture

Everyone in Columbia deserves to have access to a more beautiful and vibrant city.


With Mayor Benjamin, the city has improved city services without raising taxes.

Growth & Jobs

Columbia has seen record high employment, and we’re continuing that trend.

Public Safety

We’re making Columbia safe by working with communities and strengthening our first response systems.


We’ve committed to having 100% renewable energy, which makes us safer and provides new jobs.

Since being elected mayor in a record turnout election in April 2010, Mayor Steve Benjamin has made it his mission to create in Columbia the most talented, educated and entrepreneurial city in the Southeast.

His service in Columbia started back in 1990 when he served as student body president at the University of South Carolina, later becoming the Student Bar Association President at the USC School of Law.

Reelected by a 30 percent margin in November 2013, Mayor Benjamin’s administration has been characterized by his firm belief in Columbia’s potential and intense focus on job creation. In his first term alone, his leadership helped cut unemployment in the metro by roughly half and secured billions of dollars in new regional capital investment in the midst of a national recession.

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