The Arts in Columbia...

Mayor Benjamin works closely with arts and historic preservation leaders from across Columbia to create a culture where creativity flourishes.

Beginning with his transition team in 2010, Mayor Benjamin put renewed emphasis on arts and history in Columbia. He understood that invigorating the creative community would lead to new and better jobs and enhanced economic activity in the downtown.

To achieve his goals, Mayor Benjamin encouraged development of One Columbia for Arts and History, a non-profit organization connected to both individual artists and venues and the City Council in an advisory capacity. Benjamin understood that this unique aspect of the city required public support as available but mainly private participation - financially and individually.

Beginning with the 225th birthday of Columbia on March 22, 2011, One Columbia for Arts and History began building a plan to unify and amplify the collective arts and history community in the capitol city.

Mayor Benjamin along with One Columbia for Arts and History has hosted arts-focused events and will continue to do so, created a website that will serve Columbians as a hub of arts and history information and events, and will also champion targeted private fund raising to bolster the efforts of existing organizations and enhance public art in the City.

Artistic opportunities are in every corner of Columbia and Mayor Benjamin is doing everything he can to make sure that the arts and historic preservation communities thrive under his leadership.