Keeping Columbia Safe

Mayor Benjamin believes that creating a "One Columbia" starts with making every citizen feel safe and secure.

New industries won't come to Columbia if they don't think their employees are going to be safe. Local businesses can't grow if their profits are eaten up by rising insurance rates. Our children can't learn if their homework is interrupted by gunfire. We can't focus on all the other things we want to do if our neighborhoods aren't safe.

In his first six months in office, Benjamin fulfilled campaign promises to reform police back-up weapon policy and created a law enforcement reform study review. He has also put 35 new police cars on the street, which are outfitted with fuel efficient engines and Automatic Vehicle Locator systems.

Under his guidance, Columbia has secured over $2 million in federal grants for public safety equipment, training and personnel, and has reactivated fire engine companies 8 and 9.

But Mayor Benjamin believes we must do more. He believes police and fire departments can be among the nation's best and he won't rest until that potential is realized. The people of Columbia deserve no less.