July 19, 2013

Mayor's Panel Announcement On Violent Crime

(WOLO) Columbia, SC-Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin today announced the creation of the Mayor’s Panel on Violent Crime and Bond Reform to improve upon and recommend new tools for law enforcement to keep career criminals in jail and off the street once they’re arrested and review a number of law enforcement policies and procedures including is the long standing Early Legal Assistance (ELA) policy through which police officers submit warrant requests to a prosecutor rather than taking those requests directly to a judge or magistrate for approval.

The panel will also be making recommendations to the South Carolina General Assembly as to how we can strengthen state laws regarding bonds.

Today’s announcement comes as 18 year-old Lorenzo Young appears in court to face charges in the July 1 murder of the 33 year-old mother of four Kelly Lynn Hunnewell.

Young was out on bond at the time of the murder despite repeated arrests for violent crimes including Burglary, Assault and Battery, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping.

The Mayor’s Panel on Violent Crime and Bond Reform, which consists of nine members each distinguished as community leaders and law enforcement experts, will hold its first meeting on Monday July 29, 2013 in the City Parking Services Conference Room, 820 Washington Street, Columbia, SC.

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