A Day in the Life

For All The Fathers

Each morning when I take my two little girls to school, I find myself blown away by their humor, their kindness, their intelligence and their beauty. I marvel at God's miracle that they represent and the immensity of my responsibility to teach them right from wrong, to protect them from harm and to lift them high enough to reach their potential.

It's not always easy and some days, when the demands of work and public office pile up pretty high, it seems almost impossible. But no matter how hard it gets, I always remember to make the time so they know that no matter what, their daddy will always be there for them.

My father taught me that.

Samuel Benjamin, Jr. taught me how to be cool without having to be macho and that was important because, growing up in the 1970's and 80's, it was all about being macho like the guys on TV and in the movies. It was all about the Fonz and Teddy Pendergrass, Shaft and Erik Estrada. But then you had my father who was still cool but wasn't afraid to give us hugs and kisses. He worked two, sometimes three jobs going from before sun up to past sun down and wasn't too macho to say and show how much he loved us when he came home.

I remember staying up to watch old reruns of the Honeymooners when he got home because I'd gotten good grades and that was my reward.

I remember him walking through the door with a smile on his face, happy to see us. I remember him hugging us and telling us we could do anything we put our minds to.

I remember him telling us that he loved us and that he was proud of us. And I remember the look on his face nearly two years ago when I swore my Oath of Office to lead this great city.

If I am a good father, a good husband, even a good man - it's because my father taught me how.

So to all the Daddies out there from all your sons and daughters - thank you.

Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your love.

Thank you for everything and have a Happy Father's Day!


Stephen K. Benjamin
Columbia, SC