A Day in the Life

1963 Letter from Birmingham City Jail

Over the past weekend, I had both the pleasure and honor of reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 Letter from Birmingham City Jail.

I've had the opportunity to review, analyze and discuss the letter several times since my days as a student in Professor Harriford's class at the University of South Carolina and yet each time that I read it, it is ever more impactful on me and my views on our responsibilities as citizens, as leaders and as children of God.

Noting that the Montgomery Bus Boycott began when Dr. King was only 26 years old and that this treatise was written on toilet paper, the corners of newspapers and any other scraps that could be smuggled out of his jail cell when he was only 33 also serves as a call to younger leaders that youth can be no impediment to serve and a reminder that the "time is always ripe to do what is right".

I do hope that you enjoy reading or reacquainting yourself with this American classic and that you will indulge me over the next several months as I share other relevant readings that I believe have been central to the development of Western Democracy. Please feel free to share this email with others.

Future recommendations will include George Washington's Farewell Address, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Virginia Woolf's A Room of Her Own.

All the best and God Bless Columbia.



Steve Benjamin