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Mayor Benjamin joins President for “My Brother’s Keeper” launch

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin joined President Barack Obama and community and business leaders from across the nation for a special White House event this afternoon to launch the President's new "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, taking action with foundations, businesses, and others to make sure that every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up has an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential.

"I've lived the American Dream because of the men and women who came before me who marched, bled, cried and died for me without ever knowing my name," says Mayor Benjamin. "We stand on the shoulders of giants from generations past and now it's our turn to offer our shoulders for those generations yet to come."

"This initiative is an opportunity to do just that and to help ensure that every child, regardless of what circumstances they were born into, truly has a chance to shine."

As a part of President Obama's broader commitment to advance opportunity for all Americans, the "My Brother's Keeper" initiative will be focused on implementing strategies that are proven to get results.

Honored and excited to join the President in this groundbreaking effort, Mayor Benjamin has already begun working with business leaders, non-profits, academia and the faith community locally and throughout the Midlands to develop a Center of Excellence for Black Male Achievement so Columbia can establish itself as a model for thoughtful solution-oriented ideas that improve the lives of all of our children.

Announced in his State of the City Address last month, this initiative will work hand-in-hand with "My Brother's Keeper" to meet the growing challenges currently facing young black men.

"Right now our children are struggling and if we don't do everything we can to engage them, challenge them and protect them then we're going to lose them," said Mayor Benjamin. "This is our chance to do more to develop new strategies and solutions that put children who may fail on the path to success and children who already succeed on the path to being superstars enriching this great city and nation for generations to come."

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